Dr Rajeev Gupta has been a  consultant in NHS and has been involved in patient and carer education for the past 20

Dr Rajeev Gupta FRCP, MD, MBA, DECC, AEQi

years. He believes in changing the health behaviour of people and the community through community engagement and education. He has given over 400 health talks on different media and feels that people should have more control over their health. He has written a chapter in the Health Economics book where he proposed a model of health care where the patient has control, and uses the knowledge of the health care provider to make his or her own personal health care plan. Although he is a highly qualified medical doctor, he also has good knowledge of alternative and complementary medicine. He is a trained Yoga Teacher and has been appointed as Head of Medical Advisory Committee of Patanjali Yoga Peeth Trust UK by Swami Ramdev. He has been instrumental in organising Virtual Health Mela and Public Engagement Seminar on Mental Health which took the tradiditional Health Melas of NFHW to the next level.

He has good skills for collaborating with people to bring a change in society and has a particular impact on those who are from ethnic minority backgrounds or disadvantaged populations.