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Dear Reader and Friend of NFHW,

Thank you so much for visiting our website today. I am delighted to welcome you again to its pages and hope you will find much here to interest you.

As I write the Festive Season rapidly approaches and, thanks to Covid 19, we are all having to adapt our prospective celebrations to fit the new circumstances. The advent of effective vaccines offers the hope of a gradual return to normality as the New Year unfolds and we shall be strongly encouraging all those eligible to ensure they receive protection but wherever you are and whatever your plans, everyone at NFHW joins to offer you our warm Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year.

When I wrote to you earlier in 2020, I told you that, to outwit the Coronavirus, we planned to explore the use of web-based video presentations as an alternative and parallel channel to proclaim the much-needed Health Mela message. I am delighted to tell you that our plans developed far faster than we could have anticipated. On Saturday, November 14th, after several weeks of intense activity and with the tremendous support of colleagues from across the health and voluntary sector, we presented our first virtual Health Mela.

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Formed in 2001 as the Lancashire Gujarat Health Users’ Forum, the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing is a registered charity that specialises in helping local communities to take greater responsibility for protecting and managing their own health.

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“The Health Mela is an example of good practice to health professionals across the UK. It’s an example of how to work with community leaders to engage with ethnic minority groups who traditionally don’t access NHS services because of fear or apprehension. I was delighted to open the event, which is a great way to encourage people from minority ethnic communities to meet health experts and get informal and friendly advice.”

Prof Rahman Bedi, Chief Dental Officer
“This is a unique experience. I have not experienced anything of its kind and on this scale in my life. I
am pleasantly surprised and impressed to see people from various generations and backgrounds coming to the Mela and taking full advantage of the various health advice and health checks available.”
Professor Sir Graeme Catto, President of the General Medical Council
“The Health Mela is a shining example of good practice to health professionals across the U.K. of how to work with community leaders to engage with ethnic minority groups. The importance of encouraging greater health awareness cannot be underestimated, particularly among communities, which traditionally have been reluctant to access health services because of their fear or apprehension. It also serves as a showcase for Asian lifestyle and culture to boost community links.”
Professor Dame Christine Beasley, Chief Nursing Officer, Department of Health, England
“The energy and commitment of everyone involved in the Mela was plain to see. I was particularly pleased to have the chance to talk to the Manchester medical students about the health checks they were doing (under appropriate supervision!) and they were hugely impressive. Raising awareness about how we can take control of our health and well being is a really important issue in the UK today – the Mela manages to do this, while being fun and relaxed too.”
Paul Buckley, Director of Education and Standards, General Medical Council