Enthusiastic students of Holistic Living successfully completed their 4th year Capsule 3 Masters course at Myerscough College.

Heartiest congratulations to all the successful students.

The course covered overview and presentations from masters year 1,2 & 3 topics  by the students.

  • Five Pranas/Koshas/ spine/ chakras
  • Ayurveda/ Doshas/ Swara
  • Magnetism / uses/ Reiki with Magnets.

There were couple of very early morning meditation sessions with the Master Symbol Attunements carried out by Manjulben B Nayee.

This was followed by Kriya with Meridian opening conducted by Manjulaben H Patel.

Session covered Patanjali Sutra, Introduction to Energy Points. There was practical sessions of Pressure Points & Cupping . Partner paired up for Reiki Treatment using Master Symbol and Magnets & Energy Points.

Followed by Diagnostic Workshop – Pulse, Blood Pressure, ECG, location of Energy Points on Meridian.

Overall, it was an enjoyable  and packed weekend with lots of new topics and learnings, and listening to experiences from everyone. All students also received their Yr 4 Certificates, whilst Manjulaben Patel received Master 3B Certificate which qualifies Manjulaben Patel as a teacher and Attune Level 1 and 2.

Everyone expressed their appreciation to Khushalbhai for continuing to share his knowledge and experience, and continuing to motivate everyone. They also expressed gratitude to Niruben for supporting Khushalbhai.

Holistic Living group is a partner of NFHW who offer taster sessions of Reiki at the Health Melas.