Stress is a part of many people’s lives and, if not properly managed, it can have a very detrimental effect upon health.

In this PowerPoint presentation, Khushal Kumar takes a holistic view of stress, its causes and effects, and he sets out some of the things that people can do to reduce or manage it.

Some useful suggestions include:

  • Decrease caffeine (coffee, tea, colas, chocolates)
  • Well-balanced diet
  • Decrease junk food
  • Regular exercise – work out 30 minutes
  • Adequate sleep – what you need
  • Leisure time – self occupied
  • Relaxation exercise – meditation
  • Time & money (energy) management
  • Assertiveness – ability to say ‘no’
  • Problem solving
  • Possibly leaving a stressful  job or relationship
  • Look at things more positively
  • See problem as opportunities
  • Refute negative thoughts
  • Keep sense of humour
  • Diversion – going away on a vacation
  • Distraction – keep away from problems
  • Listen to your body, and begin applying a Holistic approach to wellness. Treat the whole being, not just the stress symptoms.

View / download the Stress presentation here. (500kb.)