We all had a fabulous weekend during the Master Holistic Living Course 3 for Capsule 3 year 1. Overall the programme was a success delivered by all our Master students from lectures, attunements, practical sessions, assessments and lots more.

On Sunday, all students were presented with their attendance certificate followed by CIPD certificates for all Capsule 1 and 2 students who made this weekend a success.

HLG presented a special recognition and huge congratulations to Manjulaben Nayee for achieving the award for Citation on becoming Reiki Grand Master designate from 2nd September 2017.

Manjulaben attended the HLC1 course in 2003. She never looked back.

  • Seriously followed Kriya and used of non-toxic medication for self & family.
  • Selected for HLC2A course in 2004.
  • Joined HLC3 Master course in 2005 and completed in 2012.
  • Despite language barrier she rejoined the course in 2006.
  • Completed her Holistic Personal Development Journal 2008.
  • Established Reiki clinic with assistance from Grand master 2009
  • Grand Master Harshadbhai Desai recognised her spiritual potential 2009 during holistic students visit to India.
  • Met Harshadbhai Desai Grand Master for his blessing 2012.
  • Received a Reiki Induction training 2012 – 2016.
  • Received HLC3 A as a Master attuner 2016.

During her journey, she has acquired knowledge of over 40 homeopathy remedies, and successfully uses magnets, pressure point, cupping for treating patients. She assists Grand Master at his clinic and looks after his patients in his absence.

Manjulaben has attended conferences and all HLG activities and as today she has treated over 887 patients with assistance from Grand Master Khushalbhai.

This a wonderful achievement and our sincerely congratulations to Manjulaben.