Holistic Living Courses Level 1 (HLC1), Level 2 (HLC2) and HLC 3 (Master Level):

Holistic Living Courses were started by Khushalbhai in 2001 at the Gujarat Hindu Society, South Meadow Lane, Preston. Khushalbhai’s wisdom was made possible by his Late Spiritual Guru Swami Atmanda Saraswati and Late Reiki Guru, Harshadbhai Desai. With their blessings Khushalbhai was able create structured contents on HLC1, HLC2 and HLC3. He is presently a Reiki Grand-Master and a Consultant to HLG.

  • HLC1: HLC Basic Course, spread over 3 weekends and 9 days. It provides an excellent foundation into understanding the external environment and its impacts on the mind (M), Emotions (E), and physical body (P), and their effects on one’s holistic wellbeing. The key principles covered during HLC1 are Pranayam (i.e. correct techniques of breathing), Reiki (Univrasal Life Force Energy), and Non-Toxic Medication such as Homeopathy. Up until 2019, the HLG has held 39 HLC1 courses with over 650 students taking part.
  • HLC 2: Second Level of the programme. This is a residential course delivered over a weekend at Myerscough College. This is an advancement over Level 1 course and offers further insight into Reiki and also ‘Attunement’ of the Second Level Reiki Symbols. This enables one to perform distant and short Reiki aid healing.
  • HLC3: This is an intensive 5-year capsule course (with residential weekends each year), focusing on advanced techniques around energy healing, including breath control, meditation, and holistic therapies. A high level of commitment and perseverance is a pre-requisite for this level. Students are encouraged to work independently and in groups.