Chairperson: Lynneben Ditchfield

Lynneben was introduced to the Holistic Living Course (HLC1) in 2005 and duly progressed to HLC level 2 (HLC2) in 2006 and completed the HLC3 (Master Level) in 2011. In 2012 the HLG was formally established with its own constitution and Lynneben was duly elected as the first Chairperson of HLG. Lynneben continued her personal development delivering selected topics and practical exercises at HLC1, HLC2 and HLC3 courses. In 2019 Lynneben was designated to Attune students at HLC1 level.


Secretary: Jaishriben Mistry

Jaishriben was the unofficial Secretary of the Holistics Group from 2006 – 2012 and was elected as the first Secretary of the HLG since 2012. Jaishriben completed her HLC1 in 2006, HLC2 in 2007 and HLC3 (Master Level) in 2016. In addition to the Secretarial duties, Jaishriben organises HLC1, 2 and 3 courses, delivers selected topics and practical exercises at HLC1, HLC2 and HLC3 courses, and organises refreshers on monthly basis.


Treasurer: Jasuben Mistry

Jasuben is the first elected Treasurer of the HLG in 2012. Jasuben completed her HLC1 in 2007, HLC2 in 2009 and HLC3 (Master Level) in 2016. Jasuben was one of the members of the add-hoc committee that wrote the HLG Constitution and has established an excellent process for maintaining financial records of the HLG.