A detailed report, providing photos, facts and figures about the 2013 Leyland Health Mela has now been completed and is available for download as a PDF.

The document records that around 700 visitors attended the event and that approximately 100 of them chose to have the full health MOT. Of these,  approximately 40% were referred to their GP for further investigations into conditions such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. In addition, 22 sight tests were conducted and 50 hearing tests.

Although the majority of visitors came from Leyland, others came from East and West Lancashire, Greater Manchester, the Fylde, Merseyside and even Lanarkshire in Scotland. Visitors were almost unanimous in judging the Health Mela to be informative (99%), well organised (97%) and representing time well spent (99%).

The full 2013 Leyland Health Mela Report can be downloaded here. (PDF 950KB).