Bradford Health Mela took place today 11 May 2019 atthe University of Bradford. The event was opened by Professor Uduak Archibong, MBE, PhD, FWACN, FRCN, Professor of Diversity, at the University of Bradford.

Professor Uduak Archibong

This is what Professor Uduak had to say about the event

I am grateful for the opportunity to give a welcome address at the Bradford Mela earlier on today.  I enjoyed meeting many people from our local community.  I was able to go round all the stall and was good to see the range of input from mental health to nutrition and blood assessment etc.

“My special thanks got to the members of the planning group and the volunteers who made it happy.  I am looking forward to next year’s event attracting more people. Looking at the population of Bradford with so many young people, access to this community will need to be thought through.

During the health screening, we screened 37 people of which majority of them were under 50 years old.

There were 2 abnormal Glucose and 4 abnormal cholesterol.   They were advised to seek further investigations from their GPs.

HLG attended Bradford Health mela and took part in the Reiki taster session. We received wonderful feedback and raised £20.