Holistic Living Group (HLG) Masters’ Award Ceremony took place on Sunday 4th September 2016 at Myerscough College. It was the master second Capsule where nine students completed their five-year intensive course; the first Capsule comprising of Ten-students completed their Masters in 2011.

Paul Easy Master of Ceremony did a wonderful job of keeping everyone on track. Khushalbhai welcomed our Honourable Guests, the HLG Students, their families and friends.

Three of the new Masters Students provided an overview about the HLG, its activities and their experience:

–          Activities of Holistic Living Group – Jaishri Mistry

–          My Holistic Experience – Alison Livesey

–          Holistic Courses- Nalini Patel

Speeches were given by our Honourable Guests: Prof Gupta – Chairman of National Forum of Health & Wellbeing, Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma – Director & Principal of Hahnemann Homeopathy College, London, Ishwerbhai Tailor – Governor of Myerscough College, and Professor Rob Campbell – past Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic) of University of Bolton. All congratulated the Capsule 2 Master students on their achievement and their Holistic journey and appreciated and acknowledged the wonderful work being carried out by our Grandmaster and HLG Consultant Khushalbhai Kumar and the Holistic Living Group.

Professor Rob Campbell, assisted by Retaken Mistry, presented the award Certificates to the following new Master Students: Alison Livesey, Dinesh Mistry, Jaishri Mistry, Jasumati Mistry, Lisa Suthar, Sushila Mistry, Urmila Daya, Usha Mistry and Nirmalaben Kumar.

As always, Khushalbhai had a few surprises for Masters of the First Capsule too. In recognition of their personal growth, our special congratulations go to the following masters on their Award Certificates:

–          Rajendrabhai G Patel: III a & B – Teacher Level I

–          Lynneben Ditchfield:  III a & B – Teacher Level I

–          Manjulaben H Patel:   III A & B –  Inductor & Teacher – Level 1

–          Ritaben Mistry:        III A & B – Inductor  & Teacher – Level 1 & 2

–          Manjulaben B Nayee: III A – Inductor Level – Level 1, 2 & 3 (Grand Master Designate)

The ceremony concluded with a Vote of Thanks from Rajendrabhai Patel and Yogic Prayer by the Masters students joined by new Masters.

It is wonderful to witness achievement of our HLG Master students in presence of dignitaries from medical and educational faculties. HLG congratulates all award recipients and wishes them all the best in the Holistic Journey ahead.

At this juncture HLG thanks all involved in making Award function a great success.