NFHW awards Fellowships at Preston Mela

The National Forum for Health & Wellbeing Fellowship is a prestigious award which is conferred to those individuals and organisations who

  • Are actively engaged in promoting the wellbeing of the community.
  • Believe in and work to advance the aims and objectives of the NFHW.
  • Uphold the standards and standing of the NFHW.

At the Preston 2016 Health Mela held at the University of Central Lancashire, NFHW awarded Fellowship to

  • Mrs Vivienne Culshaw
  • Mrs Aideen Frediani
  • Dr Abhay Vaidya


Speaking after receiving the award, Mrs Vivienne Culshaw said ” When my name was called out to receive the award I was stunned, as it was a complete surprise .

As a Governor with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, my involvement with the Mela has given me the opportunity to promote the sterling work that has been achieved, in providing education, & public involvement for health & well being, in the community.

On a personal level, I have been fortunate to work alongside like minded people, who are passionate about health & self management.  I hope to continue in years to come  as the Mela expands throughout the Country. I will treasure the award”

Mrs Aideen Frediani said “Shocked, surprised and very honoured to received the Fellowship Award. The Chairman of LTHFT  Mr. Stuart Heys who presented me with this prestigious Award commented that ‘ he had never seen me speechless before’  Thank you Stuart, you were right. I was !

We all work together as a Team and the success of getting the message on a Healthy Lifestyle and where to go for help if you need it, is what we are about. I have and always will support NFHW to continue to get that message out there.”

Dr Abhay Vaidya said “ This came as a complete surprise to me. I am glad that I could contribute towards spreading the message of healthy living within the community and empowering people to take control of their health. I thank NFHW for giving me opportunity and will continue supporting NFHW in its work.”