Dr Archie Prentice President of the Royal College of Pathologists has spoken about the very positive impressions he formed of the Health Mela concept after attending the Leyland event as chief guest.

He said: “It was a great pleasure to attend the 2nd Annual Leyland Health Mela this September. The invitation was a surprise but not nearly as much of a surprise as the day itself.

“This was an extraordinary event. There was a wide range of displays of the work of a great number and diversity of NHS and charitable health bodies all of whose representatives were giving their weekend time to talk about their work. This was an astonishing display of total community involvement and unity of purpose.

“For a pathologist, the most striking part of the day was the open access for the whole community to health checks covering blood pressure, BMI, sight, hearing, diabetes and lipid screening dental care and lifestyle advice. These were provided by the staff of the local hospital biochemistry laboratory and the Medical students of Manchester University, again all volunteers. Their tireless, cheerful and kindly care of the public was very impressive.

“All pathologists and clinical pathology services of the NHS offer their expertise to the whole population with many millions of tests done every year. The Health Mela means that people can access the skills of these people much more easily, with fewer delays and less anxiety. Let’s hope such events increase in number and spread further across the country. The Royal College of Pathologists is already discussing with the organisers in the North-west how it can collaborate at future events.”