Baskhari Health Mela

Baskhari Health Mela

HA-India-1The first ever Health Mela held at the Westridge Hilton School at Makoiya near Baskhari in Uttar Pradesh (India) on 11 November 2014 was a great success. The National Forum for Health and Wellbeing (UK) and the Rotary International supported the event which was organised by the school Principal Mr Mohsin Khan. This is the first time that a health mela based on the model developed by the NFHW in UK is being held outside the country.

HM-India-4 HM-India-3HM-India-7Nearly 30 health related displays were manned by students who were providing information to visitors about various illnesses and their prevention to the visitors. Importance of hand washing and clean environment were at the centre of health message. Over 1500 visitors including 300 students and their parents enjoyed the event, a first of its kind in the area.


The students staged dramas emphasising the importance of clean drinking water and hand washing and protection of environment. They also entertained the gathering with bollywood dances.HM-India-5HM-India-8

HM-India-6Speaking at the occasion, Professor Gupta said that while the UK spends nearly £120bn on health services, the amount spent in India is very low. He further stated that whilst in the UK health sector is heavily involved in research that is not the case in India. He said that both countries should cooperate more in research of the diseases that are common in the Asian communities in both the countries such as diabetes, stroke, and cardiac diseases to name a few. Dr Taneja, recently retired additional medical superintendent of Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital Delhi, also spoke on the occasion and said that in India, communities are largely ignorant about the health related issues and more needs to be done to empower them. He commended the Health Mela concept for reaching to the communities and the masses.

In addition to Professor Romesh Gupta OBE and Dr Taneja, dignitaries attending the event included local Member of the Legislative Assembly Mr. Pahalwan, local leaders and doctors.

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