Derek Ormerod

The Chairman, trustees and members of the NFHW are deeply saddened to inform you the death of our great friend and colleague Derek Ormerod. Derek was a valued member of the NFHW Team and Derek’s drive and compassion will be dearly missed.

Derek has been associated with NFHW for nearly two decades and was one of its trustees. He was a crafty communicator and acted as public relations officer of the organisations for last several years. He was a recipient of the NFHW Fellowship.

After National Service in the Royal Marines and Queen’s Own Nigeria Regiment he started his career teaching maths and science in a grammar school before going on to work in a college for mature entrants to the teaching profession. Here he lectured in educational psychology and research design and was awarded a Master’s degree by the University of Manchester for research in the field of personality, learning and subject choice.

Derek worked extensively with adult students including involvement in the in-service training of lecturers in further and higher education and as a course tutor for the Open University. As head of a Polytechnic Centre for Educational Technology he developed his interest in curriculum development and was a consultant in open learning systems to the Business and Technician Education Council and other national organisations.

An enthusiastic photographer and gardener, he was also a former Chair of his local parish council and was for several years, a member of the Patient and Public Involvement Forum and Critical Friends Group of the Northwest Ambulance Service.

Derek was also a keen photographer and his contributions to the visual presentation of NFHW’s activities, Health Melas in particular, are on our website for everyone to see and enjoy.

Derek was a very straightforward, hardworking and modest person who was also a true Rotarian who believed in service to the society.

Professor Romesh Gupta, Chairman of the NFHW, reflecting on Derek’s contribution to the work of the NFHW, said “Derek was a true friend of the NFHW who used his skills and experience to enhance NFHW’s partnership. Derek was keenly involved in ensuring that the NFHW’s message reached the masses and the community. Derek was publicity shy but he always looked at the larger picture and impact of collaboration whilst being out of picture, just like a photographer. We all pass out condolences to Pauline and relatives at this difficult time and pray that his soul will rest in peace.

Ms Sarifa Kabir, Secretary of the NFHW said “Derek was, as usual, very much involved in the organisation and publicity of the Preston Health Mela held on 18 March 2023 and attended the event as well with his beloved wife Pauline. I can remember Derek’s face beaming with happiness as he said ‘we did it Sarifa, it can only get better’. I am pleased that Derek was able to see his NFHW Team successfully arrange a Health Mela after Covid. I would like all to remember Derek with a smile.

Our hearts are saddened but as a NFHW Team we will stay strong and united. Our love and respect go to a very beautiful and hardworking friend and colleague. We will make Derek proud of his NFHW Team.

It is a very sad day for everyone who knew Derek and NFHW will sorely miss him.

Our condolences go to Derek’s wife Pauline, relatives and friends. May God protect and comfort Pauline and their family through this very sad and difficult time

Derek was 88 years old.

Rest In Peace Derek !