Mental Health Support for life in the Pandemic

Do you or family and friends have anxieties about COVID-19? The National Forum for Health and Wellbeing is holding its first virtual seminar of 2021 on 27th February 2021 at 2 pm. This virtual interactive public engagement seminar is on current mental health issues particularly those associated with the pandemic. This free event features eminent speakers including leading psychiatrists and medical professionals, community leaders, the past president of the Royal College of Psychiatry and Chair of the Children & Young People’s Mental Health Coalition Dame Sue Bailey OBE, with additional support from a distinguished team of mental health experts. It will take place between 2.00 & 3.00 pm on Saturday 27th February and can be accessed live and as a recording via the web-link

As an organisation we are very aware that the mental health burden on individuals and society in the UK is ever increasing and, over the years and despite the efforts of relevant NHS bodies, the situation is worsening for a number of reasons.

Not least of these is the fact that the waiting list for help is long and counselling and treatments are often delayed leading in many cases to an increased risk of deterioration. However, foremost amongst our concerns is the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic which has made the situation worse as individuals suffer the effects of lock-down and show reluctance to seek help because of the need to self-isolate.

There are many additional stress factors associated with COVID-19 for example long Covid and other neurological and mental conditions associated with the disease itself, free floating anxiety, loss of income, bereavement etc.  Together these factors will be at the heart of our seminar.

We believe that public engagement activities promote mental health literacy and reduce the negative perceptions associated with mental illness amongst attendees. This reflects a combination of education-based activity and learning promoted by contact between the public and people with mental health conditions.

We hope, in holding this event, to educate as well as to learn from the public what can be done to help. We have designed this seminar as a strengths-based process. Individuals and their relatives suffering with mental health conditions can form a healing connection with our organisation so that we can help support their recovery and wellness within the context of family, culture and community.

Questions likely to be addressed during the seminar include:

  • Why is mental health important?
  • What are common mental health issues?
  • What is sorted and what remains to be sorted in mental health?
  • Value of family and community in addressing mental health problems
  • The patient voice in mental health architecture – patient groups
  • Mental health and ethnic minority
  • Covid and post-covid impact on mental health
  • Unconventional methods to address mental health
  • Mental health – impact on family and future generation
  • New ideas for improving mental health in the UK

Our aim for the seminar is that it will be a greatly engaging and enabling exercise that will have a long-lasting impact on participants. This is a real opportunity to gain insight into some of the pressing mental health issues that you, your family and friends may currently be facing and to learn of potential sources of help.

Do join us on February 27th for what we hope will be a mutually rewarding experience


For further information about the seminar please contact:

Dr Rajeev Gupta at